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Brimblecombe Builders are an Adelaide commercial construction company that understands how the Adelaide skyline reflects the inspirations and culture of a community including its heritage and its preservation. The needs of the client and the project are considered right from the outset of Brimblecombe Builders Pty Ltd engagement. Here are further reasons for their success of this Adelaide commercial builder.

Environmental Management Skills
Many of the projects undertaken by Brimblecombe Builders have needed special consideration in respect of the clients' needs. For example, the need to maintain services to existing buildings, working in and around occupied premises, special hoardings and safety provisions, access restrictions, specific staging arrangements, noise and dust control, night work, security constraints etc to name a few.

Quality Control and Site Safety
Safety of the general public, third parties, client, consultants, and on site tradesmen forms a major part of Brimblecombe Builders Pty Ltd company policy.

Proven Time and Budget Management
Brimblecombe Builders Pty Ltd have developed a sound reputation for the successful completion of a diverse range of construction projects on time and within budget. The company maintains a professional approach when conducting its business and prides itself upon the quality that is attained in the end product. A critical path time analysis is performed on all projects and monitored throughout the building process.

Brimblecombe Builders award winning work - Centennial Park Contemplation Centre

A Cohesive Team Approach
One of the keys to achieving the project requirements of quality, completion on time and within budget is the adoption of a cohesive amicable team approach by Brimblecombe Builders. This aids the smooth running of the project and avoids disputation at all levels flowing down to trade contractors.

The Right Team
Brimblecombe Builders employees are long standing company orientated individuals. A fine mix is maintained between tertiary expertise and practical experience.

Three Generations of Building the Adelaide Skyline
With its rich family history of working as commercial builders and serving the industry through the Master Builders Association of South Australia, Brimblecombe Builders have proved their integrity and dedication to the industry many times.

Vision Statement

"Brimblecombe Builders are passionate about and respect the construction industry and those who serve in it. We are proud of our role in the commercial building industry and the acquired experience, knowledge and skills spanning three generations. We believe in conducting fair and ethical business transactions through all facets of the South Australian building industry. We will forge working as one : creatively, dynamically, intelligently, openly and with integrity from concept to completion".

Mike Rundell
Managing Director


View some of the major projects undertaken by Brimblecombe Builders in the video presentation, and then click on the Gallery for a wider selection. 

New Government Funding for Science Education and Sporting Facilities announced recently.

Two major government initiatives have created interest in the building and construction industry of South Australia.

The 2016 State Budget (SA) has flagged new developments affecting students, science education and the construction industry of this state.


The State Government has announced it will invest $10 million to upgrade and build female change rooms at sporting clubs across South Australia.

Tom Koutsantonis is attributed with saying:

Women and girls who play sport deserve equal facilities and I completely understand concerns parents have about the lack of female change rooms at sports clubs and organisations.

Use this link to find out more about the female changerooms in sporting facilities Grants and Brimblecombe's experience in the provision of public toilets and changeroom facilities in Sporting clubs

The second major innovation is the provision of Science facilities for 139 schools across South Australia to support the STEM initiative.

This $250 million will be invested across 139 schools. Up to $1 million per school will be invested in 77 primary schools, $2.5 million in 44 secondary schools and $3.5 million in 18 R-12 area schools. This investment will provide contemporary learning facilities for around 75,000 students

More detail of the STEM education building initiative can be found here, including information about Brimblecombe's experience in the construction of science and technology facilities in South Australian schools



What range of commercial & industrial construction work is undertaken by Brimblecombe Builders?

Brimblecombe Builders Pty Ltd offers its services in respect of all forms of construction, including but not limited to general construction, construction management, project management, property development and project management and joinery fabrication.



Subcontractors and suppliers can access current South Australian tender information from our secure webpage or press the yellow tenders button above. Contact Brimblecombe Builders office to obtain a username and password.


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