For over 90 years the Brimblecombe name has stood for building excellence.


G F Brimblecombe -  Founder

G F Brimblecombe was privileged to have his father as a labourer when he first established the company in 1927. Farming the land was unrewarding and drove the family into a new era, to the good fortune of Adelaide. was trained as a bricklayer, originally called an improver. This was based upon the idea to 'learn and make better'. This still remains as a guiding principal of the company '... make it better.'

Always a uniting figure within the Industry, G F Brimblecombe actively promoted the contribution and value the Construction Industry added to the cultural and social achievements of the community. In an effort to expand and create a source of professional knowledge among Adelaide construction companies and builders, G F Brimblecombe became president of the Master Builders Association of South Australia.

See Memorabilia form George F Brimblecombe's career

George F Brimblecombe discussing a housing option with clients at a housing display
Plans for R.P Brimblecombe to be built on Grand Junction Road

R.P. Brimblecombe Pty Ltd - Incorporated in 1947

Following the introduction of smart business value, Brimblecombe set up a major crane hiring service, joinery fabrication workshop and engineering company in Adelaide South Australia.

Mike Rundell - Managing Director

"I promised my grandparents that I would keep the name and I wanted to keep the link to the tradition alive", was Mike Rundell's heartfelt reply when asked why he retained the company name -  Brimblecombe Builders Pty Ltd.

Following in his grandfather's footsteps, Mike Rundell was also elected to the esteemed position in 1997, President of the Master Builders Association of South Australia.

Providing the passion and commitment, Mike, as was his Grandfather, is an advocate for the integrity and professional improvement of the industry, to maintain and build on the standards and tradition of the past in the Adelaide construction building Industry.

Brimblecombe Builders' commitment


Passion, innovation and an unswerving dedication to the industry remain the hallmarks of this 'traditional values' based building company.

Family pride is the guiding beacon that underpins the integrity and meaning of the 'Brimblecombe Builders commitment'.

It means something in the commercial construction and building industry. Not too many Adelaide construction companies can claim such a rich family heritage contributing both to the Adelaide skyline and the industry in general.


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