Adelaide Festival Centre Internal Refurbishment


Carpet replacement - sustainment project - by Brimblecombe Builders as general building contractor
The finished carpet - Piano Bar
Illuminated stair nosings were installed as part of the project
Safety features for less able clients
Large broad areas of carpet were replaced on several levels of the Theatre
Broad carpet installation

Replacement of carpet and structural improvement

As an integrated part of the Adelaide Festival Centre’s on going sustainment upgrades; this project was to replace the carpet, and while doing so, there was an opportunity to add required features for the obligations within the Disability Discrimination Act.

  • Concrete was screeded and topped to prepare the base for new carpet and for the new vinyl tiles.
  • Over the hospitality floor areas texture sisal weave vinyl floor tile was laid.
  • The sundry builders work added both tactile indicators and the illuminated LED strip lighting to the stair nosing.
  • Multiple strands of wiring was concealed under cover strips prior to the new carpet being glued in place.
  • The base building concrete substructure was checked for its structural integrity and metal cover strips replaced.
  • Laying Axminster woven carpet on the angle across broad area runs was delicately stretched and bonded to lay for a best fit for pattern to base building.

The theatre complex was specifically closed for 14 days and with a new stage show scheduled just one day after practical completion, there was inherent pressure to get the sequencing and scheduling correct.
Adelaide Festival Centre
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