Aged Care Facilities


Commercial building projects for the Aged Care Industry

Brimblecombe Builders has over many years undertaken numerous commercial building projects for many aged care providers in South Australia.

Works have included constructing new facilities and extensive refurbishment and modification of existing aged care facilities. Provision for less able residents played a major part in the construction and refurbishment of these facilities.

Some of the Aged Care facilities are found on the following pages but they are not a complete list.

Minor building and construction works works have been carried out for other organisations such as Kalyra at Belair - for The James Brown memorial Trust.

Leabrook showing wall rails for less able
Leabrook Leadlighting windows removed and replaced after room restoration

Brimblecombe has worked on many aspects of aged care facilities over the years replacing roof materials, airconditioning, refurbishing and restoring where needed but the following are 4 of the major works carried out by them for this industry.


LIFE CARE - Aldinga Beach Court & Glenrose Court

RESTHAVEN - Leabrook & Mitcham