Restored verandah posts at Alfred James at Alberton

Alfred James Funeral Directors have used the services of Brimblecombe Builders for several small minor works at different funeral parlours.

The state heritage listed building at Alberton (see image left needed restorative joinery after dry rot was discovered. This involved removing the posts, replacing the bases with new scarfed in post base and stirrups all to meet heritage requirements. The process is documented in the first 2 images below.

The South Plympton Funeral Parlour required another Capability - the reconstruction of damaged car parks included remedial work to stormwater, kerb and water table replacement and resurfacing with bitumen

At Unley a minor project of about $300,000 covered the removal of the the old cool room and the extended cool room and minor modifications to the existing mortuary to meet master plan requirements. Architects were Swanbury Penglase.
Dry rot affected these  posts-  state heritage Listed building - Alfred James at Alberton
Alfred James- Alberton
Brimblecombe joinery expertise removed, bases replaced with new scarfed in post base & stirrups
Repairs completed
Car park  damage by  trees was repaired by Brimblecombe Builders
Carpark- Alfred James
Removal & construction of a new cool room - Brimblecombe Builders
Alfred James Unley
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