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Angle Vale classrooms
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Angle Vale building project
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Angle Vale Primary School Classroom Suite

Another BER school building construction


Angle Vale Primary School June 2009

The Angle Vale Primary School was allocated funds as part of the Federal Governments Building Education Revolution. The Department of Education and Children’s Services nominated a new General Purpose Learning area 6 room block to be built for the school. This meant an existing old Demac building with asbestos could be demolished and removed from the school site. This was at the same time when significant damage was discovered in the computer teaching class room. This was termite damage to the floors.

Brimblecombe were appointed the project builder.
Part of the DTEI and BER cost guidelines involved submissions to the Quantity surveyor; they confirmed compliance of the project to the BER guidelines.

Funding for the classroom involved making commitments to the position and siting of the building within the school grounds. Structural integrity for its location also had to be Engineered and confirmed. The fact that existing services were lost it was discussed that the new GPLA would be adapted the replace these services. Hence the design was made for one of the learning areas would be the new IT suite. Funding for this to be incorporated in the project meant cost savings and allocation of budgets being totally reviewed and approved by the QS. This was all submitted and approved so the school got its new IT suite.

Construction work commenced with the building location on the school site being such that a row of scrub trees to the east and the Moreton Bay to the west remained undisturbed. The site plan allowed for the existing stormwater to flow past the building while the new building was designed to capture its rain water. Existing sumps and drains were cleaned and repaired during the process as discharge to the general stormwater table historically had not been effective. The project did not want to add to existing issues so sump and detention area were a part of site work and paving.

Previous projects on site left the school very aware of site re-establishment issues and work to address this was incorporated into the project from the onset. Wood chip roadways were established to contain mud and this was “topped “up as the works progressed. On completion they were able to be added into the garden and grounds surrounding the site.

Design location also referred to the Gawler River Flood plain mapping which involved checking the base level “height “on the floor slab. In conjunction with the stormwater discharge from the site, the level of the slab was some 223mm above surrounding levels and designed to be above the flood plain mapping.

January 2010
Site work preparation was completed before the annual holiday break but we were unable to get concrete poured, this was complete late January and February 2010. The compaction tests and compressive strength tests are on file and the records with DTEI. Structural Steel was a little late arriving and the structure was completed through the ANZAC Easter holiday term break.

Cladding and internal lining followed, with the incorporation of first fix services for both the Electrical Data and the refrigeration pipe work

The regular project meeting centred and worked hard on the right way to use the discretionary funding that was available to the school. In the end the QS fully approved and accepted the way the fund had been used as these all had been fully compliant with BER DTEI AND DECS design requirement.

The school got air conditioning for the central space, additional data to all the class rooms, storage compactus unit, and lots more. Particularly in the salvage and reuse of existing items from out of the demolished building.

August 2010
The new block was completed as the separable potion of the project. This was handed over as a critical requirement as the six teachers had to move all the existing classroom items while trying to maintain lessons. The 6 classes moved progressively and vacated the old block ready for demolition over the term three break

September 2010
The existing block complete with the potential asbestos contamination was removed from the site over that term break. Community use of the site was suspended while this work was carried out. The foot print was back filled and the surrounding paving re-instated to a basic square. The funding of anything “special” for this area was actually built into the IT of the new classrooms.

This is one of the school building construction projects undertaken by Brimblecombe Builders for the BER rollout.



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