St Anne' College entrance wall with pier filled columns

Brimblecombe Builders also specialise in minor works and construction projects in the Adelaide CBD, greater metropolitan area and wider South Australia.

The myriad of small construction projects carried out by Brimblecombe include but are not limited to the following:
  • new entrance walls for St Anne's College including core filled brick pillars
  • fascia repairs  at Carclew and 6-8a Rundle Mall
  • reconstruction of damaged car parks (Alfred James South Plympton) including remedial work to stormwater, kerb and water table replacement and resurfacing with bitumen
  • car park extensions - James Brown Memorial Trust - Kalyra
  • converting a roof space to usable bedroom, bathroom and study (private residence)
  • upgrading the main entrance of Klemzig Band Hall
  • repair of dry rot affected Verandah posts at Alfred James Alberton
  • bathroom upgrades, door repairs, roof leak and stormwater investigation reports, change room upgrades, projection booth modifications, facade repairs, sculpture installation, disabled entrance ramps and tactile indicators for the Adelaide Festival Centre
  • window repairs,roof fascia and barge repairs at Kalyra - Belair, plus many small projects involving joinery
  • Adelaide University Plaza
  • new staircase - private residence - joinery excellence
  • air-conditioning upgrade to the Supreme Court
  • Sardi - West beach - glass stabilisation
  • Office upgrades - Altius, Brown Falconer, Wotso - Franklin Street, Department of immigration & Border control- Adelaide Airport & Franklin St
  • Mould treatments of the Adelaide Botanical Gardens Herbarium.
Dismantling mould-damaged plaster board wall linings

Adelaide Botanical Gardens Herbarium Works

Brimblecombe Builders undertook mould remediation works at the Adelaide Botanical Gardens Herbarium after water leakage on an upper floor flowed into the ground floor vaults.

This leakage had potential to cause issues with the plant species samples contained within the vaults.

The project scope was to remove sections of affected plasterboard wall linings, studwork and vinyl floor coverings and undertake a specialist cleaning process to remove any mould spores that are present.

This work was undertaken with air cleaning and dehumidifying equipment in place in conjunction with  several air and surface sampling to monitor and gauge the levels of existing mould spores present.

Part of the works required the installation of temporary air tight hoardings to seal the work area from the remaining sample storage areas within the vaults.

Once the removal and cleaning processes were completed further testing was undertaken to confirm that the levels of mould were not elevated beyond the normal accepted levels.

Following clearance the reinstatement works were  undertaken.
Dry rot affected these  posts-  state heritage Listed building - Alfred James at Alberton
Alfred James- Alberton
Brimblecombe joinery expertise created scarfed in post base & stirrups for heritage verandah posts
Repairs completed
The Alfred James building is a local heritage listed  building at Alberton
Alfred James- Alberton - Restored posts in situ
Carclew fascia repairs required external scaffolding to access upper level fascias and barges
Carclew fascia repairs
Main entrance upgraded by Brimblecombe Builders team
Klemzig Band Hall
Car park extensions window repairs, fascia upgrades, retaining walls reconstruction
James Brown House extended car park
Joinery, carpets formed part of this office upgrade
Brown Falconer - office upgrade
Car park  damage by  trees was repaired by Brimblecombe Builders
Carpark- Alfred James- South Plympton
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