Built Heritage Restoration in South Australia


6-8 Rundle Mall Adelaide facade reconstruction

Built Heritage Restoration and Brimblecombe Builders

 Sustainable building preservation & conservation

Brimblecombe's team specialises in some of the older trades and work on restoration, refurbishing, and practice sustainable preservation  of some of Adelaide's older historic buildings - those considered to be buildings of historic significance

Terowie Railway Station - repairing stonework

University of Adelaide Grandstand  - salt damp damage repaired, rebuilding & refurbishment of seating

Leabrook Aged Care

Rundle Mall - restoration of facade

BWS Mile End - restored ceiling

Hahndorf Academy

Florence St - home of Salvation Army Adelaide

What are the benefits of restoring old buildings as opposed to building new?

Repurposing an old building leaves the historical construction intact externally, while making use of the already sturdy construction. An example of this is the new Temple Christian School Technical Studies area which  kept the shell of the historic brewery, while building a very modern Technical studies area - one of Brimblecombe's contributions to the preservation of Adelaide's early history. Another was the conservation of the molded ceiling in the building which now houses the Mile End BWS. The Unley Police Station and Courthouse have also been restored & preserved by Brimblecombe and repurposed by St John Ambulance

Buildings of historical importance such as the Terowie Railway Station - preserved as an icon of both early rail history in Australia and  its strategic importance in WW2.

Conservation and preservation of early examples of Adelaide Buildings - such as 6-8a Rundle Mall - showcases both the talents of  South Australia's early builders and the talent  of the restoration team. the Adelaide University Grandstand benefited greatly from the Brimblecombe Builders' restoration works

Gracious homes built by Adelaide's pioneers still grace our streets and suburbs because of restoration and conservation programs, thus leaving  future generations a legacy from the past eg Florence St - Salvation Army  HQ.

St John Ambulance HQ - former Unley Police Station

Restoration work on Government House and the Police Barracks at Thebarton are further examples. Each of these becomes a tourist attraction which not only benefits our state as a whole but adds further to the economy.

For an idea of the extent of restoration work carried out in Adelaide and South Australia by Brimblecombe Builders please scroll through the gallery below. Should you have need of such historic preservation,  reconstruction or conservation work on public or residential properties, please contact Mike Rundell on

08 83636233

Below is a gallery illustrating many of the heritage projects completed by Brimblecombe Builders. By clicking on an image to see an enlarged version, it triggers a  scrolling gallery.  Mouse hovering over the right or left side of the image will activate the scrolling arrows.

Heritage Restoration Gallery

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