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 Industrial and Commercial Building Construction Projects

Adelaide & wider South Australia


Brimblecombe Builders has been in the building construction industry in Adelaide for 3 generations. During that time, they have project managed, constructed, enhanced, fitted out and contributed to major building projects. For convenience this work has been divided into industry types, but there is also more to be discovered under Heritage, Joinery Services and Projects by Scope.

Brimblecombe Builders have been involved in many different projects over the years. Please enjoy the slideshow which spans many years of Brimblecombe's  construction work.

A look at the many Brimblecombe projects over the past 30 years
Golden Golf Warehouse

Commercial Construction Experience

Brimblecombe Builders Pty Ltd has gained considerable experience in all classes of commercial construction including - Private and Public education, new aged care facilities, modification to existing aged care facilities, hospital upgrades and construction of new facilities, mental health facilities, retirement villages major and minor works, retail shopping centres, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and offices, multi-storey buildings, bank buildings, other educational buildings, hotels, service stations, service industries, institutions, religious facilities, funeral parlors, minor civil engineering, post offices, townhouse developments and housing.

Below is a series of links to some of these projects.
The Crows AFL headquarters built in 3 stages by Brimblecombe Builders
Aged Care facilities - from construction to refurbishment

Banking - from adding security to branches to redesigning for less able users

Commercial - from vehicle service bays to shopping centre facades

Education- gymnasiums, libraries, classrooms, play areas, technical areas

Health - modifications to day surgeries & operating suites

Minor Works -  public amenities, remediation work, car parks, council and DTEI projects

Residential - refurbishing heritage homes and outfitting others for disabled access (see image below)

Retail - shop interiors to warehouses

Sport - From building all  stages of the Crows HQ to smaller clubrooms

Minor works & Construction projects - from car parks to new entrance ways

Many of these projects also cross-over with the heritage work carried out by Brimblecombe Builders.

Scaffolding on Government House

Public Building Construction

Brimblecombe has been working with many public authorities for nearly 90 years and is proud of their relationship with the following:

  • Public Health Amenities
  • Sports facilities
  • Community Libraries
  • Sturt St PIRSA
  • Norwood Payneham St Peters Council
  • Numerous local councils including:
  • DTPI
  • Port Adelaide City Council
  • City of Charles Sturt
  • Community Centres
  • Terowie
  • Transport Facilities
More detailed information about some of these projects can be found on these links: Government House, SA Police Barracks Thebarton, Hahndorf Academy and various public amenities.

Image shows roof restoration in progress at Government House
Apartment retro fitted for disabled user- lift installed

What range of industrial or commercial building construction is carried out by Brimblecombe Builders throughout Adelaide and South Australia?

Visit the  Galleries page where many of the projects can be found