CBA Noarlunga - overnight refurbishment


Major works - No loss of trading time

This major branch refurbishment included relocating the entry and reconfiguring the orientation of the branch. Major works were required to enable this to be undertaken.

Part of the works entailed the building of a truncated ramp for better access.  The ATMs  and their bunkers were also relocated from one end of the branch to the other.

As part of the works, major service and security alterations and upgrades were undertaken. Brimblecombe's joinery team installed merchandising display facilities.

Works were undertaken out of hours to complete this refurbishment without loss of trading time.
External view of Noarlunga branch of Bank SA
External view
Security upgrades were added to the main banking chamber
New Signage
The ATM bunkers and machines were relocated
Subtle entrance ramp
Commonwealth Bank
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