WOTSO - offices and co-working spaces - Adelaide

Wotso shared work spaces

Brimblecombe Builders have been engaged as the Construction Manager for the development of 217 Flinders Street.

Blackwall Limited is an ASX listed BWF real estate company who has gained recognition in developing multi space co-working facilities, known as WOTSO Workspace.

In a very collaborative manner Brimblecombe and WOTSO are working to create Offices and co-working spaces while maintaining amicable work environments for the WOTSO members.

This is very progressive; as the tenant base builds and grows toward the full use of the building footprint.

This work is within a full understanding of the progression required for each construction element. This is within the requirements of the development approved plans and WOTSO, the operating company, and their tenants.

Brimblecombe Builders and its staff are constantly reviewing the restrictions of tenant use and the obligations of the Construction process. These tasks will become even more important as WOTSO deliver more tenants and available spaces become leased either as function space; co-working areas or offices - the utilisation of space for any and all tenant requirements.

WOTSO WorkSpace have a successful mix in the utilisation of space for any and all member tenant requirements. Brimblecombe Builders have taken the time to understand and respond to this.

Brimblecombe are working with WOTSO WorkSpace to help create their very unique and successful modern adaptable designs along with sustainable and re-use finishes
Wotso signage - Brimblecombe
Brimblecombe conversion of inner church space
From church to office space
Shared work spaces in converted church building
WOTSO shared work spaces
Shared facilities at WOTSO - kitchen area
Wotso kitchen facilities
Plants lend  balance to meeting area
New desks and alcoves