Sire of amenities area - note windows

Wotso - rustic work spaces

Wotso in Flinders Street is set up in a converted church building and has retained many of those characteristics eg the arched windows. Brimblecombe's brief has been to fit out this building with hot desks, new kitchen facilities, and adding amenities to extend its use.

In the style of a rustic workplace, making use of the existing distressed floorboards where possible and refurbishing with units recovered from other sites, it has been converted into a very useful area. This is  ongoing  and more images of this new age retro project can be found on the WOTSO page.
Photo taken early morning shows the scaffolding on the roof

Government House Stage 3 - 2017 - 2018

This project involves the heritage restoration and structural repairs including slate roof replacement and facade conservation to Government House Adelaide.

Stage 3 continues with the refurbishing of the Guard House.The image of the Guard House in the slider is attributed to a440..
Dan Murphys at Welland

Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy’s Welland refurbishment among others includes  a new Click and Collect area and extending the existing cool room. Similar improvements have been made to St Peters Dan Murphy's

The works include

  • replacements of existing shop fitting fixtures and shelving,
  • replacement of signage,
  • installation of new equipment,
  • installation of new cashiers,
  • refrigeration works,
  • new walls and ceilings,
  • painting,
  • joinery and
  • polishing of concrete floor surfaces,