Environmental Policy
EQAS Certified



Brimblecombe Builders Pty Ltd are committed to conducting business to protect the health of the Environment and Employees. Brimblecombe Builders recognize that their operations do have an impact on the environment.


Brimblecombe Builders Pty Ltd aims to;

  • Monitor and reduce energy and water consumption and greenhouse emissions

  • Conduct an environmental program to ensure adherence to Company and regulatory requirements.

  • Investigate all incidents of misuse / inappropriate disposal of waste, which does not comply with Company or statutory requirements, and implement preventive actions to minimize the risk of occurrence

  • Reduce the amount of waste that is generated through the company’s operations.

  • Provide all employees with appropriate training in safe handling of materials and the application of materials in all areas.

  • Ensure as far as possible that all materials are used and applied in an environmentally friendly manner according to the manufacturer’s specification.

  • To minimize waste, recycle waste where possible and dispose of all waste in a responsible manner in accordance with relevant Acts and Regulations and Environmental Laws.

  • Induct all new employees in respect of Regulations and Company procedures regarding the use and disposal of waste

  • Comply with all relevant Environmental laws and Regulations.

  • Involve and consult employees, Government authorities and regulatory bodies and customers to identifying improved waste disposal.

  • Monitor and manage sub-contractor’s policies in relation to waste disposal


All workers and other personnel whilst executing work related activities under the control of Brimblecombe Builders Pty Ltd shall always cooperate in the proper execution of this policy and ensure that their own work conforms, wherever practical and that the work is carried out in accordance with the above aims.

The Environmental Policy Statement is to be prominently displayed at the Company’s premises and be
brought to the attention of each worker and wherever necessary to customers and visitors.

Signed by Mike Rundell  6/11/2019

Please note: Re-certification is currently taking place for ISO9001:2016 & ISO45001:2018