Glenrose Court - Glen Osmond - Aged Care Facility


Glenrose chapel entrance

Glenrose Aged Care 

An emotional and psychological imperative faced Brimblecombe Builders at Glenrose.  Residents had to be relocated off-site whilst major demolition and site works were undertaken before new construction could begin.  The building footprint covered a large portion of the Aged Care Retirement Village site and the building incorporated an undercroft carpark.

Appreciating the need to get the residents back into familiar surroundings as soon as possible, and to minimize the construction period, wall framing was fabricated off site whilst preceding work such as asbestos removal, services relocation and deep excavation was undertaken. 

Detailed step footings and hidden retaining walls were required due to the sloping nature of the site.  Additionally, the off-site pre-fabrication of wall frames reduced potential delays associated with inclement weather.

The existing Aged Care facility remained operational during project construction and Brimblecombe Builders had to maintain services and work around the operational dining, kitchen and laundry facilities. 

Careful programming was the outcome of open and collaborative client meetings and thereby ensured that residents could be moved back into their home prior to Christmas.  This target was performed under construction management and successfully achieved.

To the left:  Natural lighting at the entrance provides ambience in the Chapel at Glenrose

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