Photo taken early morning shows the scaffolding on the roof

Government House Stage 3

This project involves the heritage restoration and structural repairs (Slate roof replacement and facade conservation) to Government House Adelaide.
The oldest remaining part of Government House, the Kingston Wing, was built in 1939.

Historically and socially, Government House is of exceptional cultural significance.
It is South Australia's oldest extant public building and was purpose-built as a vice-regal residence to house the Governor - a representative of the British monarchy.
It is the only Government House in the State of South Australia and has a high level of integrity.
It has housed all but one of South Australia's Governors and is associated with many members of the British Royal family as well as the colony's first architect G.S. Kingston, the colonial architect W.B. Hays, and the stained glass designer E.F. Troy.
Government House is used for both important social and political functions.
Aesthetically and technically, Government House is of very high significance.
Government House is the State's best example of a Regency period mansion.
The whole of the building and the grounds are State heritage listed.
looking northwest from top of Government House

Work on this building project entails –

  • Repairs to the lantern skylight timber windows and sashes
  • Removal and replacement of slate roofing and lead abutments
  • Replacement of box gutters and flashings
  • Render repairs to masonry parapets and moulded cornices
  • Injection and repair to façade plaster
  • Structural earthquake stabilisation of four heritage chimneys located above the South Australian State Dining Room
  • Roof safety system upgrade
  • Structural repairs to roof timber support structures and framing.
All works are being undertaken in accordance with the Burra Charter.