Health and Allied Health Industries


Construction & Refurbishment of Medical Facilities



Brimblecombe Builders have been associated with many building projects in the health industry and have conducted many in the following fields

  • Lyell McEwen Hospital
  • South Park Hospital, Minlaton
  • St Margarets Hospice
  • Ashford Hospital
  • Northern Community Hospital
  • Womens and Childrens Hospital
  • Western Community Hospital
  • Memorial Hospital
  • Adelaide Dental Hospital
  • Griffiths Rehabilitation Hospital
  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

  • South Terrace Urology.
  • Adelaide Eye and Laser Surgery

  • Ashford Specialists Suites
  • Memorial Specialist Suites

  • Memorial Hospital
  • Womens and Childrens Hospital
  • Western Community Hospital
Lyell McEwin PICU

Lyell McEwen Hospital

Special Use Construction

Brimblecombe Builders have teamed  with Cheesman Architects to build a secure courtyard for the PICU mental health area for the Lyell McEwen Hospital and the DPTI in 2016. This is one of a number of special use construction activities  contracted to Brimblecombe Builders.

The Project called for  minor internal alterations to the duty station, entry to the courtyard and some wet areas (amenities) in addition to the outside area.

The bulk of the work was in the secure courtyard – structural steel and lexan panels, synthetic turf, electrical (security lighting) and hydraulic works.

Multi level work at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Peter Petrou of Cheesman Architects said of Brimblecombe's work on The Queen Elizabeth Hospital...
The refurbishment project "..was completed in 3 stages over numerous levels within a period of approximately 4 months.

The project was complicated by the need to access occupied floor areas below the working levels for completion of underfloor plumbing works. These occupied areas remained operational at all times. Some other restrictions included the control of noise and dust and the difficulty associated with accessing works which were on the uppermost levels of a multi-storey building....I would be happy to recommend Brimblecombe Builders Pty Ltd.."
Part of the multi-level refurbishment & office fitouts by Brimblecombe Builders
Adelaide Dental Clinic
DPTI & Lyell McEwin Hospital -secure PICU courtyard - Brimblecombe construction
PICU secure courtyard
St Margarets Hospital
St Margarets Hospital
Northern Community Hospital
Ward view
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