Heritage Trades in South Australia


Repairing the slate floor in the Smyth Chapel in West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide

What are heritage building skills?

And what is meant by a Heritage trade?

Each heritage trade combines a large number of specific skills where knowledge of  how to do the job properly also includes using the correct materials to avoid causing more damage.
Heritage Skills: What are They?

The report lists the main areas as follows (and each is broken down  further into skills):
  • Bricklaying / Stone Masonry
  • Building, Building Design and Drafting
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Glazing
  • Painting and decorating
  • Roof slating and Tiling
  • Solid Plastering

The comments also bemoan the fact that there is a current skills shortage in these fields.

It also refers to the 2007 Presentation  by John Fidler (page 19) who in addition to those above lists
  • Lead, zinc and copper sheet working
  • Steeplejacks
  • Stained Glass working
  • Thatchiing
  • Dry stone walling
  • Flint napping
  • Cob and  adobe walling
  • Blacksmithing
  • Paving
Some of these particularly refer to English conditions, but it interesting to see what trades come under this Heading. As mentioned in the Adelaide Skyline, the need for a training progression is paramount for new tradespeople to acquire and practice these skills.
Stonemasonry - carving new cross from UK imported limestone

Traditional Trades are still Important

“There has been an increased awareness among those involved in historic building conservation that traditional skills are vitally important when carrying out repairs to heritage buildings. The correct training and skills ensure the longevity of conservation works, which honour the integrity of the existing building fabric,” says Scott.

“Unfortunately, the wrong techniques and inappropriate modern materials are all too frequently used for repairs on heritage buildings so moisture is sealed in, resulting in damage and decay.”

Scott McMillan, McMillan Heritage Plastering quoted in an article by Adelle King Traditional trades still important to the Building Industry

Brimblecombe Builders have been working with heritage trades for a number of years and have successfully completed many projects. Skilled experts are employed to get the right finish and the longevity  required for these projects.

Heritage Trades and Skills

Metal forging and cast ironwork, lime plaster repairs & stabilisation
Metal forging
Recreating original woodwork
Joinery restoration
Repointed stonework and replacement of long brick to match existing
Scaffolding erected to replace roof and other high structures
Scaffolding in place
See the Project Information under Sport
Park 10 grandstands
Specialist tiling and stoneworks
Specialist tiling and stoneworks
Restoration of entrance door - joinery skills
Bespoke joinery
Restoration of damaged memorial stonework
Stone masonry
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