6-8a Rundle Mall - Facade Restoration


6-8a Rundle Mall Adelaide - Heritage restoration

The owners of 6 - 8a Rundle Mall were in the process of developing the vacant floor space in their property and as a result embarked upon a façade upgrade of the building.

They selected Brimblecombe Builders to act as Construction Managers for the cleaning and repair of the building façade.

The process of obtaining all relevant approvals from authorities was the key role that Brimblecombe - Adelaide City Council, Environmental Protection Authority and Workplace Health and Safety along with the ACC Development Dept. Heritage obligations were all covered in the Brimblecombe's role.

Part of the builder's work was to coordinate works in conjunction with the general upgrade and new paving of Rundle Mall which effectively meant a 4 month stay of proceeding while access was restricted.

The RMMA conditions of entry on the new surfaces had to be covered by Brimblecombe Builders in conjunction with neighbour consultation.

This consultation process included maintaining full access to the tenancies contained within the building, one of these tenancies being a retail shop and the other being a retail banking outlet for BankWest.  Brimblecombe's staff regularly consulted with the tenants to ensure that their trading was not adversely affected.



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