Buildings constructed in the early days of R.F Brimblecombe Pty Ltd



The following is a collection of photographs relating to projects conducted by Brimblecombe Builder teams across Adelaide and across the years.


Brimblecombe worked on this library - the project is no longer known
An Adelaide library
Private residence constructed by Brimblecombe Builders
Private residence
unknown building
Name unknown
Industrial building in Adelaide built by Brimblecombe back of photo stamped D Darian Smith Photographer 101 Archer Street North Adelaide 333/97 taken 2.7.1962
Industrial building from 1960s
Framework of a warehouse
Framework of a warehouse
Building construction circa 1960
Interior of a church
School building design circa 1960
Shopping centre courtyard
Secondary School building circa 1960
Commercial building
Industrial construction
Intriguing courtyard art
Secondary School building circa 1960s
Brimblecombe Builders on construction site
Church constructed by Brimblecombe
Private home