e Lindsay Park Homestead - photo by L Kay of Brimblecombe Builders

Tender for the Lindsay Park Homestead restoration


The Angas Memorial commemorating the work of George Fife Angas and family in early South Australia

Lindsay Park Homestead at Angaston

Lindsay Park has a close connection to the founding of South Australia as its first owner, George Fife Angas 1789-1879 was involved in establishing  and promoting the South Australia Company in 1835, even despatching the first 3 ships to the colony. He  left a legacy of wealthy land ownership, interests in the Burra mining operations, establishment of Sunday Schools and the forerunner to the State Bank. George Fife Angas became a Legislative Council Member. The Angas Legacy is seen in the naming of streets, towns, suburbs, the District Council of Angas and the Hundred of Angas. There is a memorial to the family near the intersection of King William St and War Memorial Drive.

The Lindsay Park Homestead remained in the Angas Family for 5 generations and was listed  on the South Australian heritage Register.

Purchased by Colin Hayes in 1965, Lindsay Park became a renowned equine stud with several famous race winners to its name, even impressing  royalty in  1977, when visited by Queen Elizabeth. With Colin's death in 1999 the family eventually sold the estate to Pan Sutong of the Goldin Group.

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http://sahistoryhub.com.au/people/george-fife-angas  GFA by John Healey This entry was first published in S.A.’s Greats: The men and women of the North Terrace plaques, edited by John Healey (Adelaide: Historical Society of South Australia Inc., 2001).

Photo by Carl ODonoghue of the Angas Memorial 


Heritage Status and Brimblecombe Builders

Heritage preservation and restoration according to the Burra Charter have been an important part of the Brimblecombe story.

Work on Carclew, the Hahndorf Academy, Florence St Salvation Army headquarters, St John Ambulance Headquarters and Leabrook Aged Care are great examples of careful and respectful restoration of icons of South Australian history

Examples of restoration of plaster work and mouldings, staircases, joinery, maintaining original facades and features demonstrating attention to details and an understanding of the importance of this work can be seen throughout the Brimblecombe galleries.

The Brimblecombe Team

For more information about the Brimblecombe Team Members and  their work ethic and approach to these projects, we refer you also to the page Why Choose Brimblecombe?