The Old Adelaide Gaol


The Old Adelaide Gaol Project

Old Adelaide Gaol Roofing and Damp Repair Project

Brimblecombe Builders have been selected to carry out restorative work under the ICOMOS Burra Charter on another State Heritage listed site - the former Adelaide Gaol.

The Scope of works includes the original masonry walls of the 1841 building, roof, box gutter and portions of the 1970's building.

The intent is to:
  • reduce the ingress of water into the walls
  • stop damage and decay of the walls, by removing the presence of salts within the walls.
  • reduce further decay and or document  the current condition of existing inmate artworks.
This work is intended to conserve rather than restore or make new  and prevent further deterioration.

This is to be done by:
  • increasing air circulation within the buildings
  • repairing and improving the box gutter and drainage solution above the walls adjoining the two buildings
  • removing inappropriate hard cement render
  • applying appropriate, breathable paint systems to reinstated render

Repairs and supplementation to the roof of the 1841 building will also be undertaken
The bell at the Old Adelaide Gaol
Preservation of masonry from 1841