Quality Assurance Policy



Brimblecombe Builders have established a Business Management system as required for certification to AS/NZS ISO9001:2016. The system has been designed to show how it applies the elements of the international standard to its system of management.

The quality assurance policies employed by our company are kept under continual review and improved whenever possible.

The quality of our organization's products and services are considered of paramount importance to our companies staff and hence are strongly embraced. Every employee is charged with the responsibility to ensure that they achieve quality in their work output.

The Quality Assurance System is designed to ensure that there is consistent control of our processes to meet prescribed requirements.

By means of this system, Brimblecombe Builders seeks to protect the customers' rights to expect a consistent level of service to meet the specified requirements of the customer.

Brimblecombe Builders EQAS Certificate is currently in the process of of re-certification

Last Modified: 30/7/2021 at 15:08