Resthaven Projects by Brimblecombe Builders


Working on Resthaven Head Office

Resthaven and Brimblecombe Builders

Brimblecombe Builders carried out many commercial building projects for Resthaven Aged Care facilities and 2 of the more recent are detailed further. They are Leabrook and Mitcham

Other Resthaven projects undertaken by Brimblecombe Builders include work at
  • Westbourne Park
  • Bellevue
  • Marion
  • Resthaven's Head office
  • Malvern
  • Murray Bridge
  • Woodville.

Brimblecombe Builders' work included fitouts, heritage repair and restoration, and project management.

Image shows work on Resthaven Headquarters
Resthaven Bellevue - servery area refurnbished

Resthaven Bellevue - servery area

Resthaven Leabrook
Resthaven Mitcham
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