South Australian Police Barracks - Thebarton


The stables at Thebarton police barracks needed external facade restored and stabilisation
External facade
This view shows the heritage roofing and window restoration
Front view
Parapet stabilisation needed remediation on the external facade
Side view
Canopy reroofing & heritage repairs needed
View along the side
A view of the parapet roof
Parapet roof
The wash down areas needed salt damp remediation
Wash down areas

SAPOL – Thebarton Barracks Building 16 & 16a Consolidation

Brimblecombe Builders were awarded the contract for the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) to upgrade the existing façade of the Stables and Wash down area (Buildings 16 & 16a).

The works consisted of stripping back the existing paint systems on the masonry walls, applying a Poultice system to draw out the inherent salts from within the walls, re-pointing any deteriorated mortar joints, repairs to timber windows, doors and Fascias and repainting of the external timber work and external brickwork.

Further to the above roof sheeting was also required to be replaced on an external verandah.

As the above buildings are Heritage listed Buildings consideration was necessary to ensure that the integrity of the buildings original fabric was maintained where possible along with early construction building practices. Consideration was also given to minimalise any disruptions to the daily operations of the Stables and the resident Police Horses.

Additional to the above works, the discovery of the poor state of the reinforcing bands causing de-stabilisation to the Northern and Southern Curved Parapet ends, meant that the top sections had to be dismantled and rebuilt to match their previous method of construction.

This was a heritage restoration project for a building of historic significance - so much a part of South Australia's Colonial Days


As requested by the client works commenced in early June 2015 and due to seasonal rains external works became intermittent due to the requirements of the specified paint system for low moisture content to the substrate. The works were scheduled so that internal or dry areas could continue to minimise any “down time”. Works were completed by November 2015
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