St Peters Girls School Early Learning Centre


Building the new early learning facility addition
Construction underway

.."Constructive working relationships with .. key people"..

St Peters Girls Early Learning Centre  was a challenging project for Brimblecombe Builders as Construction Managers involving a limited budget and tight time frame.

 As part of their master plan to extend the existing light weight school building adjacent to the existing tennis courts, a decision was made by the St Peters Girls School to provide a new pre-school facility.

The location of the site caused extreme difficulty in terms of access to the site. For this reason the building construction team opted for a light weight construction. Use of steel drilled piers was adopted in an attempt to mitigate damage to very large adjacent gum trees.

Limited vehicular access to the site and due to significant gum trees adjacent the site craneage was not possible so alternative methods of materials handling had to be adopted.

Mike Backen, Business Manager of SPGCS said in the Testimonial below:

.. the school developed trust in- the site manager's - technical building knowledge to the point of asking his advice on aspects of the development outside.. the contract scope.



St Peters Girls School
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