Terowie - historical railway station


"I'll be back!" said General Macarthur.. at Terowie

and with the work done by Brimblecombe Builders' heritage restoration specialists, so is Terowie Railway Station!

Heritage repairs to secure and stabilise the building  were made to the Terowie Railway Station by Brimblecombe Builders as well as:

  • Generally cleaning the site including removing all rubbish, debris and animal droppings

  • Making the subject building watertight

  • Reinstating / replacing missing sections of wall (ensuring the subject building is structurally

  • Sealing the building from access by the public and vermin

  • Conserving the external facade fabric in order to prolong the life of the building

Terowie Railway Station was a very important railway stop in World War II - It is the scene of General Douglas MacArthur's famous "I'll be back" speech.

Brimblecombe Builders received an Award for this project


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