Testimonials from Brimblecombe clients

Brimblecombe have been commercial builders in Adelaide for  nearly 90 years and have developed much of Adelaide's skyline and many of their clients have used them throughout the years for heritage restoration, office fitouts, superb joinery in one or many projects within their industry.  Here are a sample of the testimonials received over that time.

Wherever possible a link has been made to the projects themselves and another to each of the testimonials respectively. These testimonials cover several decades.

 Here is what The Venerable J.P.Collas of Christ Church North Adelaide stated in 1996.

.. how pleased the members were not only with the standard of work, but the very high degree of cooperation and a a ready willingness to adapt to the programme required by the Church"..


Site preparation for an Adelaide commercial building project
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Warrina Homes  Warrina Homes
 Adelaide Eye & Laser  AEL
Women & Childrens Hospital WCH
Christ Church North Adelaide Christ Church
Bethsalem Bethsalem
St Johns Head Office St Johns
St Peters Girls St Peters Girls
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