Treetops Childcare Centre Stepney


Bored piers and construction of temporary culverts
Site preparation
Footing construction
Footing construction
Creating a temporary access break
Temporary Access
The completed preschool learning area
General preschool area
The new stainless steel food preparation area
Food preparation area
Child sized toilet and washroom facilities
Restroom facilities

Kindergarten Preschool Day Care Centre for Treetops at Stepney

This project entailed the construction of a new child care facility on a site which originally contained a domestic building structure that was demolished prior to construction.

The site was dissected in the middle by an open drain culvert and hence Brimblecombe Builders were required to construct a temporary culvert access bridge to attain access to the rear of the site.

The specifications included -

    Construction of new a new Kindergarten and Administration building constructed as a single storey brick and block combination / veneer building

  • landscaped outdoor play areas

  • Single storey blockwork veneer Kindergarten Activity and support areas

  • extension of an existing carpark and construction of a new carpark

  • associated building services.

Landscaping included:

  • Supply and installation of proprietary play equipment

  • Preparation of the soil and subsoil

  • Weed eradication to garden areas.

  • Installation of synthetic turf.

  • Installation of rubber softmatt surfacing.

  • Construction of sandpit.


The site access constraints created challenges that were suitably addressed by Brimblecombe Builders.
Treetops Childcare & Early Learning Centre
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