Adelaide University Park 10


Refurbished changerooms, plumbing, brickwork & seating
Completed heritage restoration
Salt damp damaged brickwork restored by Brimblecombe Builders
Prior to restoration
Sad state of heritage building before reconstruction & heritage refurbishment
Before restoration

Heritage Restoration

This was a sensitive and challenging full  restoration & conserving of a historic Adelaide sporting facility undertaken by Brimblecombe Builders. The condemned structure was leaning some five degrees with extensive salt-damp damage.  Site access proved challenging as the site is located within sporting grounds and the Adelaide Parklands.

The project required full under setting and complete new structural framing of the grandstand, in addition to re-building and refurbishing of all seating.  In addition, the repair and reinstatement of all brickwork including a total fit-out of the change rooms has restored this sporting heritage icon to its former glory.

Completed within time and budget.

University of Adelaide
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