Part of the Wandana Primary School STEM building works

Wandana Primary School (STEM)

The project at Wandana Primary School is being undertaken as part of the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) project program in South Australia.

The project is being undertaken under the project management of DPTI (Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure) for DECD (Department for Education and Child Development) whom are the lead agency funding the project.

The project is being undertaken under a novated Design and Construct contract with a total fixed price contract and entails the refurbishment and redevelopment of primary school facilities to deliver a STEM project.

The STEM facilities include five specific learning areas to replace the open plan learning areas, offices and staff preparation space.

(Recently completed - December 2017)

Shelving & cupboards - Stem project- Wandana
Wandana classroom storage unit
Sliding door access in new classroom block
Sliding door access- Wandana
Stem  project - Wandana
Facilities access - Wandana
Carpeted painted, converted - Brimblecombe Builders
Completed project - Wandana School

The following letter from Belinda Smith (Wandana Primary School) was received on its completion

The staff, community and students are really excited to set up in the new spaces and start their learning.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Andrew (Troppo), Mike, Lindsay, Steve (Brimblecombe) for their amazing work and support along the way.  It was a big space to develop, communication was outstanding at all points and the school couldn’t be happier with the process and the end results.

Peter Harrison -Project Manager, Infrastructure Delivery, DPTI said

The school is free to now occupy the space, I hope the school and the students find it beneficial...  Thank you all for your hard work and patience in getting this project completed.